Since 1989, DRC has collected more than 150 million cubic yards of debris and established industry benchmarks for debris recycling and collection efficiencies. We’ve executed comprehensive debris operations nationally and internationally, bringing a high level of innovation and professionalism to each and every project. Whether we perform the work ourselves or engage a network of more than 5,000 subcontracting partners, we’re able to be on-site quickly, regardless of the size of the event. 

“The team at DRC has been most professional, engaging, and amenable to the City’s needs during the initial five year period.”
— Harry Hayes Director of Solid Waste Management City of Houston


Our mission is to provide professional, honest, and immediate response to natural and man-made disasters throughout the world. We mobilize immediately in the face of disaster, engaging our scope of project management services to oversee complete relief efforts. From temporary housing to catering services to physical cleanup, we handle every detail of disaster response and recovery.

“In every occasion, DRC remained client oriented, responsive and delivered excellent service to Escambia County.”

— Keith Wilkin, REP Director of Community & Environmental Department Escambia County


Understanding the required dynamics of a debris management operation is a hallmark of DRC’s profile. We have extensive experience in the creation and management of Temporary Debris Management Sites (TDMS), and since 2004 we operated over 20 such sites – many simultaneously – in the wake of several major events in the Gulf region. 

In 2008, following Hurricane Ike, DRC simultaneously operated seven TDMS sites, handling 11 million cubic yards of debris and recycling materials out of the waste stream in two of those facilities. Following the 2016 South Louisiana flood events, two temporary Debris Management Sites (DMS) were opened and operated in East Baton Rouge to compact and recycle C&D debris prior to haul out for final disposal.  These sites operated with such efficiency that FEMA and the USACE filmed the operation to use in training sessions.

“I will say that I have not worked with a more committed group of people when it came to honoring the contract you had with our county.”
— Henry W. Bertram Pendleton Judge/Executive Commonwealth of Kentucky


DRC has unsurpassed experience in recovery and removal of marine vessels following disasters. Most notably, we recovered and removed hundreds of vessels for the state of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Our extensive marine services experience also extends to the removal and recycling of massive multi-ton vessels and barges, which we performed in the bays surrounding Galveston after Hurricane Ike.

“This debris removal project has been a resounding success, and the GLO appreciates the many hours of hard work put in by the DRC team.”
— Benjamin K. Au Architect, Director of Construction Services GLO, Texas


Preparation is the key to success. DRC provides training and planning exercises to help expedite response and recovery efforts during the aftermath of a disaster. Our team is trained, motivated and available to provide tabletop response exercises, joint debris management plan classes, FEMA eligibility workshops and NIMS training. 

“I am confident that if you select DRC Emergency Services you will find them to be an invaluable partner during this difficult recovery process.”
— Brandon Wade City Manager Pflugerville, Texas


We work with utility companies, municipalities and rail companies to provide routine right-of-way maintenance for post-disaster response. With top-of-the-line equipment and skilled personnel, we provide safe and efficient service to meet all of our client’s needs. From highway traffic control to the use of specialized equipment, we meticulously plan all facets of right-of-way maintenance for proper execution.

“The debris removal contract that Springfield and DRC signed was for one year with four one-year extensions and the City would not hesitate to engage those additional renewals if a disaster of the magnitude of the January 2007 ice storm were to hit Springfield again.”
— Stephen A. Meyer, P.E. Assistant Director of Public Works City of Springfield


DRC has been executing full-service temporary housing operations since 1991 in Kuwait. Since then, our temporary housing services have expanded to multiple countries, including Somalia, Albania, Haiti and the U.S. In Haiti, for example, DRC built and operated a 350-person compound in Port-au-Prince to support the U.S. Embassy. The compound was entirely self-sufficient with the ability to produce its own electricity, purify its own water and treat its own sewage. We specialize in emergency housing, temporary shelter, life support and logistical services.

In addition to disaster recovery housing, DRC offers man camp facilities for oil field companies. Our comprehensive services range from lodges and dining facilities, to recreational facilities and grounds maintenance. 

“Through weekly project meetings, I became increasingly familiar with the organizations natural abilities and orderly work ethic. As the cleanup effort progressed, I realized that this company’s staff was a perfect fit for working with subcontractors and property owners.”
— Leo T. Lucchesi Director of Public Works Washington Parish Government